Advanced options for your own Terms of Service



How to add your address and email and other data to the generated Terms of Service page:

1. Create a textfile with the following lines

1st line: Your email address
2nd line: The email subject
3rd line: <leave this line empty>
4th (and following lines): Whatever you want (e.g. your street address, your tax identification numbers,...)

Your email adress will be displayed on your Terms of Service page, but it will displayed in a way that bots of spammers don't recognize it as an email address.

If you don't want to put an email address at all, then skip the 1st and the 2nd line and simply start the textfile with an empty line as the 1st line.

Typical example for such textfiles:

[email protected]
Email from the TOS page
Our address: Elm Street 14, 2345 New Jersey
We deliver worldwide
Tel: 123456789
Mo-Fr 12-18 o'clock

Another example. Please note, that it doesn't contain any email address, thus starts with an empty line (instead of the 2 lines of email information).

All products come with a 2-year guarantee
We will refund any money if you are not 100% satisfied.

Another example:

Pull My Finger Ltd is a company operating from the Freedomship under the Flag of Barbuda
Tax Identification Number: 123456789

The TOS and the relationship between YOU and US shall be governed by the laws of Barbuda without regard to its conflict of law provisions. YOU and WE agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within the county of Santa Clara, California.

The XXX logo and the YYY trademarks and service marks and other Pull my Finger logos and product and service names are trademarks of Pull my Finger Ltd. Without Pull my Finger's prior permission, you agree not to display or use them in any manner.


Another example:

This TOS shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of West Sahara as if made in West Sahara by two residents of that state.


Another example:

Fees for domain name registrations cannot be refunded.

Part of the TOS are also third-party Terms of Service of ICANN and our ISP.

Please note that you can insert your domain name by using {website}. Thus a textfile like this is valid:

[email protected]{website}
Email from the TOS page of {website}
Our address: Elm Street 14, 2345 New Jersey
We deliver worldwide
Tel: 123456789
Mo-Fr 12-18 o'clock
Your {website} team


2. Get your own link to your own Terms of Service

Name the textfile however you like and type in the info here:


just the pure domain name
Only letters, numbers, dots (".") and dashes ("-")
No "http://"
No "www."
No paths
No "/"

Just the pure textfile name:
Only letters, numbers, dots ("."), dashes ("-") and underscores ("_")
No paths
No "/"